Helping you create high-end designs for your business in less time.

Helping you create high-end designs for your side hustle biz in less time.

Because who doesn’t love leveling up their creative game -and - having more free time?!

 Are you a website designer?  Have a branding biz? Want to take your creative side-hustle to boss-status design? 

You’re ready to ditch that 9-5 job and launch your own full-time creative business! 

You’re collaging in Canva, pulling it together with Google Docs, editing photos on your phone, and gathering inspiration images like a champ.  But somehow, you’re spending more time assembling and googling versus actually creating - and it’s still not quite right.

Do you have that image of a perfect product in your dreams but struggle to get it out into the world?

It’s exhausting, and I totally get it.  You have all of this creative energy and you’d rather spend it dreaming up new designs - not googling how to get from step 1 to step 20 on your laptop. 

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place! Because, I know, there are only so many hours in the day. That’s where I come in to help!

Hey, I’ve got you! I’m Katie Sinclair and I have a serious passion for teaching you the tools to create badass creative designs for your business in a super efficient way.

Let’s just say that I’m a nut for finding the best way to get something done - efficiency and creativity are my jams. I’ve been using the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign) and online tools for over 10 years to create graphics and workflows for tons of projects.

My mission is to help you get your creativity out into the world faster so you can increase your expertise and prices, and get some of that valuable free time back.


Here’s how I went from feeling totally overwhelmed with design to loving every second of it…

It wasn’t too long ago that I enrolled in my first architecture studio, thinking it would be the best way to merge my math/achiever brain with my creative streak.  Um, yep, I’m an enneagram type 3 with a strong wing 4.

When you have hundreds of projects to complete in your undergraduate and graduate architecture program, it’s trial by fire.  I remember feeling totally overwhelmed with the amount of creative programs I needed to learn while also working a part-time job at an architecture firm.  InDesign was THE most intimidating program to open (for real, what do all of those buttons mean?!).

The hustle was real, y’all.  

My enneagram type 3-ness and affinity for the Google search bar pulled me through.  If I thought there was a way to do something faster or better, I was all over it. I eventually learned to love the daunting Adobe Creative Suite and became REALLY FAST at pulling together polished final presentations.

So fast, that I finished my last graduate school project 5 days early 

Instead of stressing the weekend before the deadline like my other classmates, I turned off my computer, rolled up my completed presentation, and left to float the Guadalupe River with my friends!

For those of you not from Texas, floating the river involves grabbing an inflatable tube for yourself and a tube for your cooler stocked with drinks.  Gather your friends, link the tubes together, and float on down the icy cold river in the middle of summer. It’s amazing.  

I had time to rest up and enjoy life before the big deadline.  I ended up nailing the final presentation with an A+ while my other classmates were bleary-eyed and downing their seventh espresso of the day.  

Today, I’m a total creative and efficiency nerd (and licensed Architect).  I’ve used the Adobe Suite paired with Google Drive to create branding guides for clients, invitations, website graphics, and for general life organization.  I’ve become go-to expert for creative workflows, including Adobe and Google tricks.  

Seriously, nothing fires me up more than teaching you a new tool that allows you to level-up your creative game.

I don’t want you to have to spend years learning how to design and tackle projects - I want you to start TODAY. So here I am, unloading all that I know so you can skip the seven-espressos game.

I truly believe you have something creative to share and I’m here to teach you the tools to turn it into an efficient business.

I want to help YOU live your dream life, spending more time being creative and less time stressing about how to pull it all together.

I’m here to

coach and educate creative go-getters ready to leave their 9-5 job behind and pursue their creative passions. 

I’m all about giving you valuable tips and tricks without the fluff for false promises - because who has time for that?!  

What is your version of floating the river?  How would you spend that extra free time? 

What would you life look like if you could increase your prices because you’re now an expert in creating super-professional products?  

I want you to dream BIG.


A little more about me…

  1. Enneagram type 3, wing 4

  2. Appetizers (especially wine and cheese plates, or any carb) will always be chosen over dessert.

  3. My husband, Nathan, and puppy dog, Winnie, are my favorites.

  4. Born and raised in Houston, Texas.  I’ve also lived in Austin for 4 years and in Italy (the origin of wine, cheese, and carbs) for a few months.

  5. Free time hobbies - reading, woodworking, drawing/painting


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